Planescape - Strays!

Meeting the Resistance
Getting there Eventually

Active PCs

Ketojan Bess King Wesley Om/Yaj Bogdan

Interesting Developments

Timeline Three

  • The Quorum continues to reduce in strength through attrition
  • Hlal, or at least his exarch, took an interest in the party
  • The party has entered a sensate stone to rescue a dwarf who might know Princess’ home plane.


After some initial discussion about the merits of taking the stairs vs flying down the outside of the tower, the party decided to move on inside. As the party moved through the plaza they encountered another set of shrines, one two Sehanine Moonbow and one for Felgure, the dragon god of death.

Near by the council chambers they saw an elf with a barrel of gold staggering out of the entrance. Curious as to whether this was a blatant case of looting or something more intriguing, the party approached, and a fish jumped out of the barrel.

He said that a dragon in the council rooms was sitting on a pile of gold giving him gold. Entering the council rooms the first corridors had murals painted by a range of inhabitants, as evidenced by the range of skill demonstrated.

Entering the main room the party was somewhat surprised to find that it was indeed filled with gold, though no sight of a dragon. Poking around in the pile of cash and art, Bess kicked over a goblet and an eye blinked from out of it.

A bronze dragon appeared out of the treasure, introducing itself as Gardelain. It chatted happily with the party looking for interesting conversation. According to Ketojan the name Gardelain is a legend on the planes, but he was unable to say why. After a bit more talk Bess challenged Gardelain to a wrestling match. A short battle ensued, concluding when Gardelain admitted defeat and revealed that he was an exarch of Hlal and rewarded the party with various treasures including a fist sized diamond.

Moving towards the entrance the party met a dancing elf dressed as a Sigillian. She greeted the party as if she knew them, resulting in a moment of confusion as the party’s situation was explained. She introduced herself as Content Not Found: leguin_, a member of the sensates and worshiper of the smiling dragon, mother of Hlal. She reintroduced the party to other notable people running the defense of the Amadan. These included Content Not Found: cwe-cardor_ the chief of security, and Content Not Found: archancellor-trytimer.

Left to rest and reacquaint themselves with the situation, Bogdan learned that his employer Princess was in the tower. Talking with her he learned that she had met a Dwarf, Content Not Found: vangr-strumband, who might know a way to return to her home plane. Unfortunately he got stuck in a ultra high fidelity sensory stone of Sigil. This is especially strange since several people including him have entered and excited it in the past.

She also mentioned that the Quorum has continued its slow decline, with Old Has the astrologer withdrawn to the orarry, Sir Imric diapered, and the Elf and Lady Q went looking for Tennerach and have yet to return.

The party decided to help find Vangr and, with the help of several mages, welded themselves into a joint psyche to explore the sensory stone. Entering they find themselves on a dark and grimy street

Shady Dealings
Who can you trust?

Active PCs
Ketojan, Bess, King Wesley, Om/Yaj, Bogdan

Interesting Events

  • Timeline Three The Rakshasa seen a long time ago have appeared in The Amadan, looking for the trapmaster Content Not Found: krupp
  • The Rakshasa seem to think the magical aura of time travel around the party is similar to that of the tower. Could the tower have something to do with the time travel?
  • The Tower has many shrines to Dragon gods. Its patron god is Hlal the laughing dragon, but there are also shrines to Bahamut Tiamat in her wealth orientation and Chronepsis, the dragon god of time.


The session started off just after crashing into the side of the Dao fortress. Tessera immediately ran deeper into its tunnels while Twister held the entrance leaving the heroes to clean up the remaining Dao at the impact point. After that they continued through the fortress looking for the slaves that Tessera was looking for.

Running through corridors the party found a large pen holding many slaves guarded by Dao warriors and mages, feeling they needed to have a way out before rescuing the prisoners, the party slipped by until they eventually found a large loading dock where flying ships were able to enter and exit freely, among them a Mindflayer Nautilus. Tessera was fighting there, presumably to capture a ship.

As the party moved down to join the battle, time shifted back to the Amadan where the party continued to fight down towards the university level, moving through the forum and into an open plaza that used to be a market. Now overrun by slow men, the market had been abandoned in a hurry.

Sneaking through the party saw a group of Rakshasa . Curious about this out of place sight, they opened a parley and discovered that these were the same Rakshasa that the party killed to free from servitude under Olver back when he was trying to save himself from dying of clay failure. They recognized the party too and, upon Bess’ request, investigated the party’s aura to see if there was any obvious reason for the time skipping.

The Rakshasa also revealed that the city’s name is Hlaldin, the Amadan is the name for the tower in the middle of it, named after Hlal the laughing dragon god. When asked why they were in the tower they said they were looking for something they left behind when they left Oman the last time. The party inferred that by this they meant the trapmaster Krupp.

Moving on through the market, several members of the party looted various stalls for magic items with the claim “we will return them once we return the tower to normal.” They also saw several shrines to dragon gods besides Hlal.

Moving towards the university entrance a person in the overhead chandeliers caught the eye, turning out to be Krupp. He was spying on the Rakshasa, waiting for a chance to kill them. The party tried to convince him to not got after them but he seemed confident about being able to out fox them.

Finally nearing the end of the market, the party heard funny noises coming from a set of stables. Investigating, they found a group of elf and goblins in the uniform of the tower guard stealing mounts to abandon the Amadan. When asked what they were doing, they started to attack. Initially the party tried to scare them off, but eventually took the fight to the deserters, killing several and driving the rest away. Investigating the stables, Yaj found a Wyvern that Bess desperately wanted to ride and befriended it to that end.

Lair of the Lich
What's a plural noun for Lich?

Active PCs: Hamza Bess Ketojan King Wesley Om/Yaj

Interesting Developments

  • The lichs were capturing people from Omen and using them in experiments and as rituals
  • The party argued over whether to free some bat handed creatures called Achenari. Eventually Yaj freed them despite the wishes of Samira and Hamza.

Time-frames Experienced

  • Two years after the war, shortly after fighting with the Armourers against the automatons.

The fight against the Lich cabal continued, pushing past their antechamber and into a room of supernatural darkness.

After focusing on destroying the lich’s flesh golem bodyguard, the party was able to make short work of the two visible lichs, and despite one of them using a suicide fireball to nuke the party, Bess made mincemeat out of the last one.

The darkness of the chamber lifted revealing a large cavern with cages lining the walls. The cages contained various races of humanoids, who where used by the lichs as sacrifices and parts for flesh golems. In particular a set of cages near the center of the cavern contained some creatures with bat wings instead of hands. They described themselves as Achenari, planar gypsies. Other caged creatures mentioned that Achenari are typically considered as untrustworthy.

After an initial sweep of the cavern Hamza returned to the corpse of the flesh golem thinking that it might contain a phylactery, but unfortunately was too late as he saw the third lich standing over the corpse. Seeing it was spotted the lich ran deeper into the caves, escaping into darkness.

The party then investigated the lair while arguing about what to do with the Achenari. While happy to free most of the prisoners, Hamza and Samira were dead set against releasing potential troublemakers like the Achenari. Bess and Wesely let their distaste of undead show as they demolished the lich’s sarcophagus storage facility and lab while Ketojan tried to keep some magical reagents for his own purpose.

Yaj freed the Achenari to the dismay of Hamza and Samira by using a ritual that Samira did not recognise to destroy their cages. Time warped around the party yet again…

The Terrarium Tower
Searching for answers

Active PCs: Om/Yaj Bess Hamza Ketojan King Wesley Bogdan?

Interesting Developments

  • The tower, named The Amadan, is a research center for the Eladrin examining quick seasonal changes in its area of the Outlands
  • The party has been in the tower for several days on a trade mission from Omen (which is nearby) but still has no memory of this.
  • The tower was infested with slow men shortly after the arrival of the party. These slow men were residents of the tower who disappeared shortly before reappearing as slow men.

Timeframes experienced

  • *Roughly three years post-war (Present?) in a slow man infested tower
  • Two years ago- after aiding the Armourers in their relief effort, Omen slid again. The party would eventually aid King Wesley in tracking down a cabal of liches in Omen’s massive underground crypt complex of Raven’s Acre.

The party explored the tower, trying to understand its geometry. They discovered that it consists of many rooms consisting of a different micro-climate typically of a range of temperate flora and fauna. The wall itself is made of an unknown metal. The tower is situated on a tropical island surrounded by mangrove trees, sitting in the middle of a vast sea.

After a period of walking through the seemingly abandoned tower the party came across what a appeared to be a park, with the remains of what might have been a picnic. Curious as to why the picnickers abandoned their food and blanket, Om spoke to the animals and plants in the area and was told of strange vibrations, flashes of light, and pain and death within a nearby greenhouse.

Investigating the greenhouse the party encountered medicinal plants grown in abundance. Moving towards the back of the greenhouse the floor became electrified. Using various methods (wind soul, natural flying, tenser’s floating disk) the party was able to avoid frying themselves, and to the rear of the greenhouse they discovered a moving compost heap and a seemingly broken magical mechanism that seemed to be the cause of the electric discharges. Not able to fix the mechanism, the party left the orb where it lay, leaving the shambling mound to terrorize the native creatures.

Walking through a pine forest the party spotted an elf on the path ahead, jerking about in an unpleasantly familiar (slow) manner. The party hid and watched the slow elf— it seemed to walk along in starts and stops and did not notice the party. Going to the path a trail of blood lead into the woods and to a heavily wounded cyclops. After healing him with a minor resurrection spell he helped fill in many memory gaps from the past four days.

Mycenar the Cyclops was a guardsman of the Amadan. Less than a day after the party arrived, residents of the tower had begun disappearing, only to return hours later as slow men— first in the reservoir and then throughout the tower. He suggested that the party move down to the Forum where the survivors had gathered and a defense had been mounted.

After arrival the party blinked in time to Omen, one year after the war and just after getting back from the fight against the Armourers.

I forget to take notes at this point, I think it was mostly talking about what people wanted to be doing, but I can’t remember. —Adrian

Much had changed in Omen over the course of a single year. Without Tenerecht to moderate them, the Quorum stood in disarray, with Lady Betide and Higure Kensei completely at odds over how to govern the city. Metro Circle had become more restless and violent, while the Armourers had grown in power and popularity, though not nearly so much as the Hapless, who gained an air of legitimacy when Daimyo Tsuhiro acknowledged the Empyrean’s positive influence on the city and his own retainer, Higure Kensei. Bess had continued to best all comers in the Iodrome, and was now third-ranked in the Astral Circuit, below only the green giant and crowd favourite Canterby du Nuit and the still-undefeated Bach the dwarf.

Bogdan’s excavation company, Shadow Band, continued to grow, recruiting the gorgon swordsman Moccasin (who had left the Circle after the death of his beloved Ocantha) and forming a partnership with Doctor Herne, better known as the Broken One, a necromancer who had recently broken ties with the Quorum and had begun building a hospital in Wyrm Turning.

King Wesley swayed the party to join him in hunting down a cabal of liches holed up underneath Omen’s ancient cemetery, Raven’s Acre. The party ambushed the three liches in a crypt deep underground, only to discover the trio had constructed a powerful golem out of stitched-together flesh to protect them.

Skipping Around in the Time Continuum
Confusion Abounds

Active PCs: Om/Yaj Bess King Wesley Ketojan

Interesting Developments:

  • The Slow Men (and slow dragons) are back.
    *Tessera the chaos sorceress is strongly suspected to be Serendib’s ex-dead wife. Furthermore her pro-slavery tendencies appear to be a bluff.
    *The Armourers continue to loose ground against the Apparatans.
    *Bess is infected with chaos phage, after being bitten by a red slaad.

Time frames experienced:
*Just post war, with Hamza and Tessera
*Roughty two years post-war, with the Malphas and Raum.
*Roughly three years post-war (Present?) in a mysterious verdant tower.

The session started with the party in a bizarre dream of swirling mists. A dragon corpse lay on the ground and a small creature on top asked if the party remembered something, sounding frustrated that they didn’t. Abruptly the dream ended and the dragon featureless world with impaired memory of where they were, how they got there, and when and why they came. To add to the confusion they were in the middle of fighting a grey dragon, which the party quickly realized was both the same dragon they had just seen dead as well as one of the Slow Men. Its breath shunted Om and Bess into a null existence, but the recently revived King Wesley and Ketojan were able to hold down the fort until Bess’s return.

Upon defeating the slow dragon reality quickly snapped to Hamza’s place where he had gathered the party to look into the disappearance of the sorceress Tessera as he has started to suspect that she is Serendib’s wife Zara. Hearing that she was last sighted the the tso’s abandoned ship, the party entered the spidery vessel, looking for some sign. Initially they bumped into an ettercap street gang, the Ashen Court, which had been reduced in power under Tenerecht’s strong leadership, but with him gone and Higure and Lady Betide at each other’s throats, the old gangs are coming out of the woodwork. The court were busy scavenging valuables from the ship. While the ettercaps were reluctant to fight such well-known heroes, the gang’s leader, a red slaad who spouted nonsense with a Sigilian accent, emerged from the galley and forced the fight.

Deeper in the ship the party found a brightly coloured tent, larger on the inside than outside. Among other possessions, several wigs and false noses were found. The general assumption was that this was where Tessera was hiding, and at that moment the whole ship lurched and started to move. Moving up to the top deck the party met Tessera who claimed to be planning on freeing the slaves kept in the stone fortress of the Dao, giving the slaves their freedom in return for “a few thousand favours.” While uncertain of her motives, the party decided to aid the sorceress for the time being, and see to it that the slaves weren’t simply exchanging one set of masters for another.

As the ship rammed straight into the fortress… Time shifted once again, whereupon Wesley found himself in a lush, green garden, and soon fought one of the slow men— an elf, dressed in eladrin finery. When the slow elf was defeated, time suddenly snapped…

…To the day, two years earlier, when the party took to the battlefield to rescue a village, built among the ruins of an Armourer City. The Apparatans, angelic constructs sent by one of the Armourers’ many enemies, were attacking on a broad front and rumors held that they abducted people— civilians and Armourers alike— to bolster their armies in some way. Despite a valiant effort, the city was ceded to the Apparatans, and the Armourer paladin Raum sacrificed himself, crushed by a wall while buying time for the survivors to escape. As the would-be rescue mission was routed, and forced to return to Omen, time shifted…

…Returning to the silvery tower, where the party found each other once again, just in time to face a mob of slow goblins and elves, materialized out of nowhere.

The War in the Furlough
The Riven One is Released

Active PCs: Bess Ketojan Raum Yaj

Interesting Things:

  • Castle Formidable is a mobile battle station.
  • The Empyrean gave Omen’s demons new lives and mortal bodies. The sorceress Tessera has been contracted to complete the process.
  • Malphas and Yaj’s followers (unbeknownst to Yaj) are part of a Conspiracy of Good, intended to block Janus Fete’s vote on slavery, to protect the reformed demons from the Aspect of the Riven One, and to return the Empyrean to power.
  • The Armourers have orbiting gravity guns?
  • The party bartered for a giant anime sword for Raum, formed out of glowing runes.

After having the evil little girl tell a story revealing both she and the Riven One’s connection to Demogorgon, the party split with Ketojan going to Castle formidible to discuss the revalations with Tenerecht while Yaj and Raum, guarded by Bess, tended to wounded civilians leaving the Furlough.

Ketojan found the Castle moving onto a war footing, breaking the chains that joined it to Skein Hill and conjuring massive fists out of the rubble of the Furlough.

The rest of the party interviewed people streaming out for any hints on bomb activity. It sounded like there had been some activity in Wyrm Turning’s warehouse district, so they moved towards it to warn Bogdan and Princess. Rejoined by Ketojan, they moved out.

The warehouse district turned out to be a center of green roofs complete with grazing blue floating sheep.

On one roof the party found Old Hollow Eyes arguing with Malphas Joylark about some past attempt by Malphas to reinforce the seals on the Abyssal One that instead resulted in their weakening. Also revealed is that the Empyrean’s last sighting was in the Furlough, possibly reinforcing the wards binding the Abyssal One after wrapping many demons in the illusion of a mortal form

A murder of vrocks attacked but the party defeated them after a tense few rounds of lighting bolts striking Yaj and Ketojan, but Bess and Raum carried the day.

The party regrouped at Stoneblood Manor. The bordello exists in a pocket dimension, allowing the party to rest for a whole day, while only one hour passes on the outside. Slightly before the full rest Demogorgon’s aspect broke free. Malphas’s plan seemed to be going according to plan with many Devils gating in to fight, and she teleported all active Armourers to the safety of Grand Forge, using the recall function built into their armor.

After several close calls, both Yaj and Raum dropped when attacked by the Child’s bodyguard, and with the aid of incubi and succubi from the manor, the party fought and killed the wicked Child and her two-headed protector. Demogorgon’s Aspect remained, however, summoning demons into the watermote of the Following Sea, killing General Druaga of the Devils, and Omen shifted, leaving behind Castle Formidable and the Armourers’ gravity gun satellites. Suddenly the situation was looking a lot less under control…

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