Faarlung's Algorithm

A spherical puzzle-box containing a mystical equation of untold arcane power.


+4 Orb (Artefact)


  • +4 bonus to Arcana checks
  • Each day roll 1d6 to attune the orb to a particular element:
    1. Lightning
    2. Thunder
    3. Fire
    4. Cold
    5. Acid
    6. Force
  • Gain Resist 15 to the attuned element.


  • Daily: Dispel Magic
  • Encounter: Attack gains +2d6 damage of the attuned element.
  • Encounter: Ranged 10 attack. Int vs Will. Hit: 2d10 + Int damage of the attuned element, target is Dazed (Save Ends), the attacker and the target teleport and switch places.

The party found the Algorithm, among other treasures, among the mounds of coins and trinkets at the bottom of the Well of One Wish. Since it has been discovered, Ketojan has focused considerable efforts at unlocking its secrets. While progress has been made, the final solution remains frustratingly out of reach.

Faarlung's Algorithm

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