Old grumpy shaman under the thumb of a Tortoise Spirit, Om


Yaj is an old member of a tribe of humans. He made sure that it didn’t rain too much, that alligators stay out of the village, and that people get well after sickness. But mostly he enjoyed the relatively cushy position of shaman by trying to do nothing at all.

He lived in a large swamp land called the Myureg, and only had legends of the other mortal races. He was going out on a spirit quest (an excuse to escape from the chatter of the tribe) when he sat down on a stump and fell through a portal unknowingly and is now exploring the planes thinking that all is a part of his visions. For all anyone else can prove, he is right.

Recent Developments
With Yaj’s presence and bumbling effort to help the Hapless, his spirit companion and guide Om has been able to manifest more strongly in the Outlands around Oman. Om has a more thought out plan for its place in Oman. The more who know Om’s name and call on it, the less likely all on the Physical world will forget it. The means to this end are Neutral. It is survival of the fittest there is no such thing as good or evil only different paths to control and there is no clear cut benefit to either law or chaos.

To this end it has started to take actions to increase its prestige, often ending up in confrontation with the Quorum or undercutting their authority when that helps those who it has under its protection or those who might join its constituents. However, Om realises that, at least for now, the Quorum provides important stability to Oman and so supports them when the continued existence of the City is threatened.


Planescape - Strays! Yaj