The Judge


Chaotic evil(?) tanar’ri necromancer. A huge, somewhat regal nalfeshnee, tens of thousands of years old. One of Omen’s many former rulers.


The oldest being in Omen, the Judge has been imprisoned in a chamber underneath what is now Swine Court in Omen’s Wyrm Turning District. He has been a prisoner in Omen for nine thousand years, far longer than he was ever the city’s ruler.

During his long sojourn in the city, the Judge has become a strange sort of sage and civic leader in Wyrm Turning. He fathered numerous children during his reign (and possibly a few after the Baatorian coup), and a great many tieflings in Omen can trace their heritage directly back to the Judge.

When the Empyrean offered amnesty to the influx of demons in Omen, the Judge came to the forefront as one of her chief defenders among the fiends. He opposed the Riven One at every turn, and even allowed his imprisonment to continue, so that his power could feed the wards which held the demon prince in place. He claimed that he had come to love Omen, and he was among the first demons initiated into the Conspiracy of Good when they concocted their plan to get excise the Riven One from Omen, once and for all.

Swine Court was leveled by an explosion during the War in the Furlough. However, thanks to the heroes, the old demon survived, and was eventually nursed back to health.

The Judge

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