High Abbot Nondo


Lawful good halfling male monk. High Abbot of the Monks of Unison. Member of the Quorum.


High Abbot Nondo is no bigger than a child, but the halfling’s brown hair is streaked with gray, his wiry arms corded with muscle. His whole body is tattooed with the runes of the Quorum. Dressed in the tunic and leggings of commoners everywhere, the abbot has a mischievous smile that comes more easily than you would expect of a member of the Quorum.

Nondo Gethers was a thief in Xaos, the gate-town to Limbo, when Tenerecht and the others came upon him, and told him he was the reincarnation of the High Abbot— their old friend. It took some convincing, but Nondo eventually accepted the destiny thrust upon him, and has been loyal to the Quorum ever since.

High Abbot Nondo

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