Planescape - Strays!

The War in the Furlough

The Riven One is Released

Active PCs: Bess Ketojan Raum Yaj

Interesting Things:

  • Castle Formidable is a mobile battle station.
  • The Empyrean gave Omen’s demons new lives and mortal bodies. The sorceress Tessera has been contracted to complete the process.
  • Malphas and Yaj’s followers (unbeknownst to Yaj) are part of a Conspiracy of Good, intended to block Janus Fete’s vote on slavery, to protect the reformed demons from the Aspect of the Riven One, and to return the Empyrean to power.
  • The Armourers have orbiting gravity guns?
  • The party bartered for a giant anime sword for Raum, formed out of glowing runes.

After having the evil little girl tell a story revealing both she and the Riven One’s connection to Demogorgon, the party split with Ketojan going to Castle formidible to discuss the revalations with Tenerecht while Yaj and Raum, guarded by Bess, tended to wounded civilians leaving the Furlough.

Ketojan found the Castle moving onto a war footing, breaking the chains that joined it to Skein Hill and conjuring massive fists out of the rubble of the Furlough.

The rest of the party interviewed people streaming out for any hints on bomb activity. It sounded like there had been some activity in Wyrm Turning’s warehouse district, so they moved towards it to warn Bogdan and Princess. Rejoined by Ketojan, they moved out.

The warehouse district turned out to be a center of green roofs complete with grazing blue floating sheep.

On one roof the party found Old Hollow Eyes arguing with Malphas Joylark about some past attempt by Malphas to reinforce the seals on the Abyssal One that instead resulted in their weakening. Also revealed is that the Empyrean’s last sighting was in the Furlough, possibly reinforcing the wards binding the Abyssal One after wrapping many demons in the illusion of a mortal form

A murder of vrocks attacked but the party defeated them after a tense few rounds of lighting bolts striking Yaj and Ketojan, but Bess and Raum carried the day.

The party regrouped at Stoneblood Manor. The bordello exists in a pocket dimension, allowing the party to rest for a whole day, while only one hour passes on the outside. Slightly before the full rest Demogorgon’s aspect broke free. Malphas’s plan seemed to be going according to plan with many Devils gating in to fight, and she teleported all active Armourers to the safety of Grand Forge, using the recall function built into their armor.

After several close calls, both Yaj and Raum dropped when attacked by the Child’s bodyguard, and with the aid of incubi and succubi from the manor, the party fought and killed the wicked Child and her two-headed protector. Demogorgon’s Aspect remained, however, summoning demons into the watermote of the Following Sea, killing General Druaga of the Devils, and Omen shifted, leaving behind Castle Formidable and the Armourers’ gravity gun satellites. Suddenly the situation was looking a lot less under control…



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