Planescape - Strays!

The Terrarium Tower

Searching for answers

Active PCs: Om/Yaj Bess Hamza Ketojan King Wesley Bogdan?

Interesting Developments

  • The tower, named The Amadan, is a research center for the Eladrin examining quick seasonal changes in its area of the Outlands
  • The party has been in the tower for several days on a trade mission from Omen (which is nearby) but still has no memory of this.
  • The tower was infested with slow men shortly after the arrival of the party. These slow men were residents of the tower who disappeared shortly before reappearing as slow men.

Timeframes experienced

  • *Roughly three years post-war (Present?) in a slow man infested tower
  • Two years ago- after aiding the Armourers in their relief effort, Omen slid again. The party would eventually aid King Wesley in tracking down a cabal of liches in Omen’s massive underground crypt complex of Raven’s Acre.

The party explored the tower, trying to understand its geometry. They discovered that it consists of many rooms consisting of a different micro-climate typically of a range of temperate flora and fauna. The wall itself is made of an unknown metal. The tower is situated on a tropical island surrounded by mangrove trees, sitting in the middle of a vast sea.

After a period of walking through the seemingly abandoned tower the party came across what a appeared to be a park, with the remains of what might have been a picnic. Curious as to why the picnickers abandoned their food and blanket, Om spoke to the animals and plants in the area and was told of strange vibrations, flashes of light, and pain and death within a nearby greenhouse.

Investigating the greenhouse the party encountered medicinal plants grown in abundance. Moving towards the back of the greenhouse the floor became electrified. Using various methods (wind soul, natural flying, tenser’s floating disk) the party was able to avoid frying themselves, and to the rear of the greenhouse they discovered a moving compost heap and a seemingly broken magical mechanism that seemed to be the cause of the electric discharges. Not able to fix the mechanism, the party left the orb where it lay, leaving the shambling mound to terrorize the native creatures.

Walking through a pine forest the party spotted an elf on the path ahead, jerking about in an unpleasantly familiar (slow) manner. The party hid and watched the slow elf— it seemed to walk along in starts and stops and did not notice the party. Going to the path a trail of blood lead into the woods and to a heavily wounded cyclops. After healing him with a minor resurrection spell he helped fill in many memory gaps from the past four days.

Mycenar the Cyclops was a guardsman of the Amadan. Less than a day after the party arrived, residents of the tower had begun disappearing, only to return hours later as slow men— first in the reservoir and then throughout the tower. He suggested that the party move down to the Forum where the survivors had gathered and a defense had been mounted.

After arrival the party blinked in time to Omen, one year after the war and just after getting back from the fight against the Armourers.

I forget to take notes at this point, I think it was mostly talking about what people wanted to be doing, but I can’t remember. —Adrian

Much had changed in Omen over the course of a single year. Without Tenerecht to moderate them, the Quorum stood in disarray, with Lady Betide and Higure Kensei completely at odds over how to govern the city. Metro Circle had become more restless and violent, while the Armourers had grown in power and popularity, though not nearly so much as the Hapless, who gained an air of legitimacy when Daimyo Tsuhiro acknowledged the Empyrean’s positive influence on the city and his own retainer, Higure Kensei. Bess had continued to best all comers in the Iodrome, and was now third-ranked in the Astral Circuit, below only the green giant and crowd favourite Canterby du Nuit and the still-undefeated Bach the dwarf.

Bogdan’s excavation company, Shadow Band, continued to grow, recruiting the gorgon swordsman Moccasin (who had left the Circle after the death of his beloved Ocantha) and forming a partnership with Doctor Herne, better known as the Broken One, a necromancer who had recently broken ties with the Quorum and had begun building a hospital in Wyrm Turning.

King Wesley swayed the party to join him in hunting down a cabal of liches holed up underneath Omen’s ancient cemetery, Raven’s Acre. The party ambushed the three liches in a crypt deep underground, only to discover the trio had constructed a powerful golem out of stitched-together flesh to protect them.



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