Planescape - Strays!

Skipping Around in the Time Continuum

Confusion Abounds

Active PCs: Om/Yaj Bess King Wesley Ketojan

Interesting Developments:

  • The Slow Men (and slow dragons) are back.
    *Tessera the chaos sorceress is strongly suspected to be Serendib’s ex-dead wife. Furthermore her pro-slavery tendencies appear to be a bluff.
    *The Armourers continue to loose ground against the Apparatans.
    *Bess is infected with chaos phage, after being bitten by a red slaad.

Time frames experienced:
*Just post war, with Hamza and Tessera
*Roughty two years post-war, with the Malphas and Raum.
*Roughly three years post-war (Present?) in a mysterious verdant tower.

The session started with the party in a bizarre dream of swirling mists. A dragon corpse lay on the ground and a small creature on top asked if the party remembered something, sounding frustrated that they didn’t. Abruptly the dream ended and the dragon featureless world with impaired memory of where they were, how they got there, and when and why they came. To add to the confusion they were in the middle of fighting a grey dragon, which the party quickly realized was both the same dragon they had just seen dead as well as one of the Slow Men. Its breath shunted Om and Bess into a null existence, but the recently revived King Wesley and Ketojan were able to hold down the fort until Bess’s return.

Upon defeating the slow dragon reality quickly snapped to Hamza’s place where he had gathered the party to look into the disappearance of the sorceress Tessera as he has started to suspect that she is Serendib’s wife Zara. Hearing that she was last sighted the the tso’s abandoned ship, the party entered the spidery vessel, looking for some sign. Initially they bumped into an ettercap street gang, the Ashen Court, which had been reduced in power under Tenerecht’s strong leadership, but with him gone and Higure and Lady Betide at each other’s throats, the old gangs are coming out of the woodwork. The court were busy scavenging valuables from the ship. While the ettercaps were reluctant to fight such well-known heroes, the gang’s leader, a red slaad who spouted nonsense with a Sigilian accent, emerged from the galley and forced the fight.

Deeper in the ship the party found a brightly coloured tent, larger on the inside than outside. Among other possessions, several wigs and false noses were found. The general assumption was that this was where Tessera was hiding, and at that moment the whole ship lurched and started to move. Moving up to the top deck the party met Tessera who claimed to be planning on freeing the slaves kept in the stone fortress of the Dao, giving the slaves their freedom in return for “a few thousand favours.” While uncertain of her motives, the party decided to aid the sorceress for the time being, and see to it that the slaves weren’t simply exchanging one set of masters for another.

As the ship rammed straight into the fortress… Time shifted once again, whereupon Wesley found himself in a lush, green garden, and soon fought one of the slow men— an elf, dressed in eladrin finery. When the slow elf was defeated, time suddenly snapped…

…To the day, two years earlier, when the party took to the battlefield to rescue a village, built among the ruins of an Armourer City. The Apparatans, angelic constructs sent by one of the Armourers’ many enemies, were attacking on a broad front and rumors held that they abducted people— civilians and Armourers alike— to bolster their armies in some way. Despite a valiant effort, the city was ceded to the Apparatans, and the Armourer paladin Raum sacrificed himself, crushed by a wall while buying time for the survivors to escape. As the would-be rescue mission was routed, and forced to return to Omen, time shifted…

…Returning to the silvery tower, where the party found each other once again, just in time to face a mob of slow goblins and elves, materialized out of nowhere.



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