Planescape - Strays!

Active PCs
Ketojan, Bess, King Wesley, Om/Yaj, Bogdan

Interesting Events

  • Timeline Three The Rakshasa seen a long time ago have appeared in The Amadan, looking for the trapmaster Content Not Found: krupp
  • The Rakshasa seem to think the magical aura of time travel around the party is similar to that of the tower. Could the tower have something to do with the time travel?
  • The Tower has many shrines to Dragon gods. Its patron god is Hlal the laughing dragon, but there are also shrines to Bahamut Tiamat in her wealth orientation and Chronepsis, the dragon god of time.


The session started off just after crashing into the side of the Dao fortress. Tessera immediately ran deeper into its tunnels while Twister held the entrance leaving the heroes to clean up the remaining Dao at the impact point. After that they continued through the fortress looking for the slaves that Tessera was looking for.

Running through corridors the party found a large pen holding many slaves guarded by Dao warriors and mages, feeling they needed to have a way out before rescuing the prisoners, the party slipped by until they eventually found a large loading dock where flying ships were able to enter and exit freely, among them a Mindflayer Nautilus. Tessera was fighting there, presumably to capture a ship.

As the party moved down to join the battle, time shifted back to the Amadan where the party continued to fight down towards the university level, moving through the forum and into an open plaza that used to be a market. Now overrun by slow men, the market had been abandoned in a hurry.

Sneaking through the party saw a group of Rakshasa . Curious about this out of place sight, they opened a parley and discovered that these were the same Rakshasa that the party killed to free from servitude under Olver back when he was trying to save himself from dying of clay failure. They recognized the party too and, upon Bess’ request, investigated the party’s aura to see if there was any obvious reason for the time skipping.

The Rakshasa also revealed that the city’s name is Hlaldin, the Amadan is the name for the tower in the middle of it, named after Hlal the laughing dragon god. When asked why they were in the tower they said they were looking for something they left behind when they left Oman the last time. The party inferred that by this they meant the trapmaster Krupp.

Moving on through the market, several members of the party looted various stalls for magic items with the claim “we will return them once we return the tower to normal.” They also saw several shrines to dragon gods besides Hlal.

Moving towards the university entrance a person in the overhead chandeliers caught the eye, turning out to be Krupp. He was spying on the Rakshasa, waiting for a chance to kill them. The party tried to convince him to not got after them but he seemed confident about being able to out fox them.

Finally nearing the end of the market, the party heard funny noises coming from a set of stables. Investigating, they found a group of elf and goblins in the uniform of the tower guard stealing mounts to abandon the Amadan. When asked what they were doing, they started to attack. Initially the party tried to scare them off, but eventually took the fight to the deserters, killing several and driving the rest away. Investigating the stables, Yaj found a Wyvern that Bess desperately wanted to ride and befriended it to that end.



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