Planescape - Strays!

Meeting the Resistance

Getting there Eventually

Active PCs

Ketojan Bess King Wesley Om/Yaj Bogdan

Interesting Developments

Timeline Three

  • The Quorum continues to reduce in strength through attrition
  • Hlal, or at least his exarch, took an interest in the party
  • The party has entered a sensate stone to rescue a dwarf who might know Princess’ home plane.


After some initial discussion about the merits of taking the stairs vs flying down the outside of the tower, the party decided to move on inside. As the party moved through the plaza they encountered another set of shrines, one two Sehanine Moonbow and one for Felgure, the dragon god of death.

Near by the council chambers they saw an elf with a barrel of gold staggering out of the entrance. Curious as to whether this was a blatant case of looting or something more intriguing, the party approached, and a fish jumped out of the barrel.

He said that a dragon in the council rooms was sitting on a pile of gold giving him gold. Entering the council rooms the first corridors had murals painted by a range of inhabitants, as evidenced by the range of skill demonstrated.

Entering the main room the party was somewhat surprised to find that it was indeed filled with gold, though no sight of a dragon. Poking around in the pile of cash and art, Bess kicked over a goblet and an eye blinked from out of it.

A bronze dragon appeared out of the treasure, introducing itself as Gardelain. It chatted happily with the party looking for interesting conversation. According to Ketojan the name Gardelain is a legend on the planes, but he was unable to say why. After a bit more talk Bess challenged Gardelain to a wrestling match. A short battle ensued, concluding when Gardelain admitted defeat and revealed that he was an exarch of Hlal and rewarded the party with various treasures including a fist sized diamond.

Moving towards the entrance the party met a dancing elf dressed as a Sigillian. She greeted the party as if she knew them, resulting in a moment of confusion as the party’s situation was explained. She introduced herself as Content Not Found: leguin_, a member of the sensates and worshiper of the smiling dragon, mother of Hlal. She reintroduced the party to other notable people running the defense of the Amadan. These included Content Not Found: cwe-cardor_ the chief of security, and Content Not Found: archancellor-trytimer.

Left to rest and reacquaint themselves with the situation, Bogdan learned that his employer Princess was in the tower. Talking with her he learned that she had met a Dwarf, Content Not Found: vangr-strumband, who might know a way to return to her home plane. Unfortunately he got stuck in a ultra high fidelity sensory stone of Sigil. This is especially strange since several people including him have entered and excited it in the past.

She also mentioned that the Quorum has continued its slow decline, with Old Has the astrologer withdrawn to the orarry, Sir Imric diapered, and the Elf and Lady Q went looking for Tennerach and have yet to return.

The party decided to help find Vangr and, with the help of several mages, welded themselves into a joint psyche to explore the sensory stone. Entering they find themselves on a dark and grimy street



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