Planescape - Strays!

Lair of the Lich

What's a plural noun for Lich?

Active PCs: Hamza Bess Ketojan King Wesley Om/Yaj

Interesting Developments

  • The lichs were capturing people from Omen and using them in experiments and as rituals
  • The party argued over whether to free some bat handed creatures called Achenari. Eventually Yaj freed them despite the wishes of Samira and Hamza.

Time-frames Experienced

  • Two years after the war, shortly after fighting with the Armourers against the automatons.

The fight against the Lich cabal continued, pushing past their antechamber and into a room of supernatural darkness.

After focusing on destroying the lich’s flesh golem bodyguard, the party was able to make short work of the two visible lichs, and despite one of them using a suicide fireball to nuke the party, Bess made mincemeat out of the last one.

The darkness of the chamber lifted revealing a large cavern with cages lining the walls. The cages contained various races of humanoids, who where used by the lichs as sacrifices and parts for flesh golems. In particular a set of cages near the center of the cavern contained some creatures with bat wings instead of hands. They described themselves as Achenari, planar gypsies. Other caged creatures mentioned that Achenari are typically considered as untrustworthy.

After an initial sweep of the cavern Hamza returned to the corpse of the flesh golem thinking that it might contain a phylactery, but unfortunately was too late as he saw the third lich standing over the corpse. Seeing it was spotted the lich ran deeper into the caves, escaping into darkness.

The party then investigated the lair while arguing about what to do with the Achenari. While happy to free most of the prisoners, Hamza and Samira were dead set against releasing potential troublemakers like the Achenari. Bess and Wesely let their distaste of undead show as they demolished the lich’s sarcophagus storage facility and lab while Ketojan tried to keep some magical reagents for his own purpose.

Yaj freed the Achenari to the dismay of Hamza and Samira by using a ritual that Samira did not recognise to destroy their cages. Time warped around the party yet again…



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